2011 Dream List

With 2011 right around the corner (& boy did it sneak up on me!) I have started thinking about New Year Resolutions - this year my first resolutions is to NOT HAVE RESOLUTIONS but rather a "Dream List". I have never made it a full year completing all (if any) of my New Years Resolutions, that being said by creating a "Dream List" there's not as much pressure to keep up with it and it is going to involve my family more!

I have also decided to create myself monthly reminders to look at my Dream list to help me keep up with it! I am even contemplating making a big list to stick up above my laptop desk for daily reminders!

My 11 in 2011 Dream List
  1. Read 1 book per month!
  2. Take more pictures!
  3. Create a Monthly scrapbook of Jay & our family
  4. Take at least 1 Family outing to the Zoo
  5. Do better with keeping up with the house, right now Chris does most of the housework due to my work load, but I really want to be the "Susie Homemaker" in 2011!
  6. Cook often & eat out less
  7. Work hard for MY future
  8. Work on handling my Stress - I overstress about everything! I want to find a way to de-stress in a healthy way.
  9. Send Birthday cards to all friends & family via snail mail!
  10. Learn a new skill or hobby
  11. Do more time with Jay, even small stuff at home!


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