Friend Makin' Monday -

1. Favorite website: Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger! And I have apps of all 3 on my iPhone! Addicted!

2. Favorite color: Green & Black & Pink

3. Facebook? YES!! I'm addicted to Yoville!

4. Favorite Christmas song?

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Fake - although I miss the smell of a fresh pine tree, the needles are just too much trouble to keep vacuumed up! Plus I belive in Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle! :)

6. Hottest celebrity? George Clooney! He may be 20 somethin' years older than me, but he is still yummy!

7. Favorite restaurant? TGIFridays! I love their Jack Daniels Chicken & Mashed Potatoes! Yum! Now I'm hungry...greart!

8. Favorite magazine? I'm not a big magazine reader, however Im going to go with Cosmo

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Hot Coco + Starbucks coffee! But only when it's cold outside, it's starting to come around - Looks like snow on Thursday!

10. Favorite Christmas movie? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation OR Rudolph! It's a Classic!

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Disney World has been BOOKED!

Walt Disney World Vacation has been OFFICIALLY booked! It will be Mister Monster's first time at Disney World before he starts Kindergarten! I thought this would be a great time to take him because he will be old enough to remember it and enjoy most of the park! How old were your kids when you first took them?

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30 Before 30

30 Things I would like to accomplish by the time I am 30
  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Roadtrip Across Country and See all the "Random" Tourist Spots ie. Largest ball of twine, Roswell
  3. Own my own home with a game room basement and large back yard possibly a pool
  4. Get Married in Vegas - I'm not the Cinderella Bride type
  5. Have another Child
  6. See a Kangaroo in Australia
  7. Try Snowboarding
  8. Buy a new car
  9. Write a Children's book and get it published
  10. Learn to play the Guitar
  11. Carve a Pumpkin (Yep, Ive never done it!)
  12. Take Cooking Lessons and be able to cook my family a Thanksgiving meal (I can NOT cook for anything right now)
  13. Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen to help feed the Homeless
  14. Go to Albequerque for Balloon Fiesta, again!
  15. Take my Grandmother to Hawaii - She's always wanted to go, but my grandfather refuses to go unless they build a bridge - he's terrified of flying!
  16. Run a 15K under 30 mins (I don't run!)
  17. Go to a Winery (Never been much for wine, but Ive never been so why not?)
  18. Go on a GIRLS ONLY trip to Memphis, Vegas or New Orleans
  19. Go Sailing or on a Cruise
  20. Set up Life Insurance and start a Will - You never know!
  21. Take a Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon
  22. Feel better than I have ever felt - Physically & Mentally
  23. Drive an AMAZING car, even if I have to rent it!
  24. Get outside more - grow & work in garden, go hiking & camping, get dirty and enjoy it!
  25. Shoot a gun! I'm a country girl but I have never shot a real gun - in a shooting range of course!
  26. Picnic at Midnight on the beach and stick around for sunrise.
  27. Become an active member in my sons PTO
  28. Be the ultimate "Soccer Mom" while still working outside of the home (Im very stir crazy and can not stay home all day)
  29. Get my college degree in something, anything! As long as I get it!
  30. Enjoy everyday as if it were my last-you never know when you will have your last day.

I am going to work really hard to accomplish everything on my list, I have 2,679 days from today to complete it! Where should I begin?!

What is on your list?



'Twas the Night before Thanksgiving

'Twas the night of Thanksgiving,

But I just couldn't sleep.

I tried counting backwards,

I tried counting sheep.

The leftovers beckoned.the dark meat and white,

But I fought the temptation with all of my might.

Tossing and turning with anticipation,

The thought of a snack became infatuation.

So, I raced to the kitchen, flung open the door

And gazed at the fridge, full of goodies galore.

I gobbled up turkey and buttered potatoes,

Stuffing with gravy, green beans and tomatoes.

I felt myself swelling so plump and so round,

Till all of a sudden, I rose off the ground.

I crashed through the ceiling, floating into the sky

With a mouthful of pudding and a handful of pie

But, I managed to yell as I soared past the trees.

Happy eating to all -- pass the cranberries, please.

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My Reward Board

Mister Monster turns the big 5 years old in 19 days and we have decided at age 5 it's time to become a "big" boy. He will be starting Kindergarten this coming August so it's time to start the transition from Preschooler to kindergartner. First thing's first: Chores! Building responsibility and a sense of accomplishment and achievement are very important like skills to learn and grow from. In the process of finding a good system I have researched alot of things. We have decided to go with My Reward Board which was created by Barton Lipstick, the original creator of the JumpStart series. You can try it out FREE for 2 weeks, if you like the software there is a ONE TIME fee of $19.95. No subscriptions and you can download the software on 3 different computers. It has a really fun interface and it's very kid friendly! Mister Monster just loved setting up his new chore list:
Make Bed
Brush/Floss Teeth
Pick up Room
Do Homework
Help with Trash
Put Away Clean Clothes

And he's really excited to start earning his rewards! Which consist of staying up an extra half our to going to the movies or even buying a new computer game! I really think that doing these chores is going to help develope responsibility, money saving sense, and goal setting skills.

What is your opinion of chores? and what's a good age to start?


Simple Woman's Daybook - Novemeber 23

FOR TODAY - November 23

Outside my window... An elderly gentleman walking his dog - So cute.

I am thinking... This week is going to be a busy & stressful week

I am thankful for... The air in my lungs, the clothes on my back, and the wonderful family that Christ has blessed me with.

I am wearing... My work clothes, off to make some money for Christmas

I am remembering... Why I love this time of year - Family, Friends, and Feasts!

I am going... CHRISTMAS shopping after work tonight! It's the day for stocking stuffers!

I am reading... Nothing at the moment, I need to buy some new books. (Any suggestions???)

I am hoping... for some snow this winter, no ice! Just snow.

On my mind... I need to budget my money just a little better for 2010!

Noticing that... It's really warm for Novemeber - average has been 64*F - That calls for a harsh winter!

From the kitchen...We are making home-made pizza tonight!
Around the house... a little messy from Mister Monster - GI Joe's everywhere!

One of my favorite things...Drinking Coffee on the porch wrapped in a blanket watching the birds.

From my picture journal...

        A nice little winter wonderland :)



Its National Game & Puzzle Week

This year's National Game and Puzzle Week kicks off tomorrow, Novemeber 22 and goes through Novemeber 28 - So get together with Family, Friends and Neighbors to celebrate this fun and creative week. Choose a boardgame, jigsaw puzzle, crosswords or any other fun activity you and your family can create to enjoy this magical week. Increase everyones appreciation for board games, puzzles, and good times by partaking in some fun this week. I am going to be posting every day what our family does to celebrate the week, and I hope to see all the unique activities that your family comes up with!

If you need some great idea's check out these websites: Crayola  Creative Kids at Home  Koboose Games


Love this Graphic!

I found this graphic and fell in love with it! So cute, so I just had to post it! Please make sure to check out the site that is attatched to it! I guarantee you will find something that you like as well! :)

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Mommy...I wanna be a rockstar!

To some parents that sounds like a nightmare! Not to me, it brought a tear of sheer happiness to my eye. Music has always been a very large part of my life, growing up in a broken home with my mom working 3 jobs to keep the roof over our heads and food in my tummy and not really knowing my father until I was older, music was the only stable thing in my life. I could always turn on the radio and all my problems would disappear. So to me, music, of all genre's, was and still is my heart and soul (second to Mister Monster of course!). My love for all things music has obviously influenced my son and now he wants to become a ROCKSTAR! I fully support his dreams whether to be a rockstar, fireman, police officer, or rodeo clown - I encourage him to do what makes him happy.

I caught this ADORABLE video of him rocking out to "his" song which happens to be a new rock hit from Breaking Benjamin. Please exscuse the TERRIBLE footage, keep in mind I was driving in rush hour traffic, but it was so cute I had to catch it on video. He's also looking at my camera like "Ok mom...where's the flash??"

There is a password to view these videos: mistermonster 

Next on the list: Guitar lessons for my almost 5 year old! Once thats mastered, we'll move onto drums...I'm headed to Costco right now to stock up on ear plugs.

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Just another Manic Mom Day

I've decided to start a blog in an effort for a creative outlet outside of the full time madness and chaos I call my life. My typical day starts between 6:30-7:15am depending on when Mister Monster rolls out of bed, runs down the hall usually singing the newest diddy from preschool and climbs into mine to "snuggle" which usually translates into "Let's pretend we're in dark tunnel and climb all around, over, and under mommy & daddy!" A few "Lay Still's" and "Shh's" later I hear a groggy groan coming from the west side of the bed, Daddy Territory. Time to get up before Pappa Bear awakes from his 8 hour hibernation! Mister Monster races me down the stairs, which of course he wins every race because HE'S JUST SOOO FAST!, to plop down onto the sofa and request his morning shot of Spongebob and Super Hero Squad! After turning on the TV and hearing "Mom, I dont want the News (or weather or that or this) I want Toons!" I finally get to head into the kitchen to start my morning.

 First, make breakfast and depending on the day consists of frozen toaster waffles, bowl of cereal, or a banana. Next it's time to bring out the super cool superman mouthwash that makes our teeth look like the Blue Man Group had a party and forgot to clean up! Brush Brush Brush our teeth (and then clean up the remaining mess on my counter!). Another race has started, this time it's an obsticle course: Run up the stairs, around the corner and down the hall. Stop at the dresser to find the outfit for the day, attempt to find two matching socks, and then race to see who can get dressed first. Grab the shoes and the coat and run down the hall, around the corner, and cross the finish line also known as our sofa for a victory chant of "I'm faster than you, Ha Ha Ha Ha HA"

Shoes on? Check. Coat? Check. Car Keys? Check. Cellphone? Check. And Out the door we go to drop him off at Preschool and I'm headed to an 8 hour day of dealing with the public & their problems, complaints, and negative comments about the company that I work for. (Which is in Telecommunications, I work for a National Cellphone company).

At the end of the long work day, it's time to head home, fix supper - feed the family, clean up the mess the family has made including the little crumbles of tonights fish sticks and tater tots under the table that like to cling onto our socks and make their way into the cushions of my couch. Brush Brush Brush our teeth one more time, again clean up the mess (why do I even bother???). Bed, Kiss, Hug, Snuggle, Drink, Bed, Kiss, Goodnight.

KERPLOOF! Now it's my turn to tune into my weekly recordings on my DVR (Thank goodness for Uverse!) Just think, I get to do this all over again in about 10 hours! Sweet Dreams!



Manic Memes I Love

Thursday: Obviously MARvelous