Simple Woman's Daybook - Novemeber 23

FOR TODAY - November 23

Outside my window... An elderly gentleman walking his dog - So cute.

I am thinking... This week is going to be a busy & stressful week

I am thankful for... The air in my lungs, the clothes on my back, and the wonderful family that Christ has blessed me with.

I am wearing... My work clothes, off to make some money for Christmas

I am remembering... Why I love this time of year - Family, Friends, and Feasts!

I am going... CHRISTMAS shopping after work tonight! It's the day for stocking stuffers!

I am reading... Nothing at the moment, I need to buy some new books. (Any suggestions???)

I am hoping... for some snow this winter, no ice! Just snow.

On my mind... I need to budget my money just a little better for 2010!

Noticing that... It's really warm for Novemeber - average has been 64*F - That calls for a harsh winter!

From the kitchen...We are making home-made pizza tonight!
Around the house... a little messy from Mister Monster - GI Joe's everywhere!

One of my favorite things...Drinking Coffee on the porch wrapped in a blanket watching the birds.

From my picture journal...

        A nice little winter wonderland :)


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