30 Before 30

30 Things I would like to accomplish by the time I am 30
  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Roadtrip Across Country and See all the "Random" Tourist Spots ie. Largest ball of twine, Roswell
  3. Own my own home with a game room basement and large back yard possibly a pool
  4. Get Married in Vegas - I'm not the Cinderella Bride type
  5. Have another Child
  6. See a Kangaroo in Australia
  7. Try Snowboarding
  8. Buy a new car
  9. Write a Children's book and get it published
  10. Learn to play the Guitar
  11. Carve a Pumpkin (Yep, Ive never done it!)
  12. Take Cooking Lessons and be able to cook my family a Thanksgiving meal (I can NOT cook for anything right now)
  13. Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen to help feed the Homeless
  14. Go to Albequerque for Balloon Fiesta, again!
  15. Take my Grandmother to Hawaii - She's always wanted to go, but my grandfather refuses to go unless they build a bridge - he's terrified of flying!
  16. Run a 15K under 30 mins (I don't run!)
  17. Go to a Winery (Never been much for wine, but Ive never been so why not?)
  18. Go on a GIRLS ONLY trip to Memphis, Vegas or New Orleans
  19. Go Sailing or on a Cruise
  20. Set up Life Insurance and start a Will - You never know!
  21. Take a Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon
  22. Feel better than I have ever felt - Physically & Mentally
  23. Drive an AMAZING car, even if I have to rent it!
  24. Get outside more - grow & work in garden, go hiking & camping, get dirty and enjoy it!
  25. Shoot a gun! I'm a country girl but I have never shot a real gun - in a shooting range of course!
  26. Picnic at Midnight on the beach and stick around for sunrise.
  27. Become an active member in my sons PTO
  28. Be the ultimate "Soccer Mom" while still working outside of the home (Im very stir crazy and can not stay home all day)
  29. Get my college degree in something, anything! As long as I get it!
  30. Enjoy everyday as if it were my last-you never know when you will have your last day.

I am going to work really hard to accomplish everything on my list, I have 2,679 days from today to complete it! Where should I begin?!

What is on your list?

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Peterson Family said...

Hi Meg...I love your list. I think the last one is the most important one though! Enjoy each and every day, all parts of it. The good, the bad...it's all a part of life!


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