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Mister Monster turns the big 5 years old in 19 days and we have decided at age 5 it's time to become a "big" boy. He will be starting Kindergarten this coming August so it's time to start the transition from Preschooler to kindergartner. First thing's first: Chores! Building responsibility and a sense of accomplishment and achievement are very important like skills to learn and grow from. In the process of finding a good system I have researched alot of things. We have decided to go with My Reward Board which was created by Barton Lipstick, the original creator of the JumpStart series. You can try it out FREE for 2 weeks, if you like the software there is a ONE TIME fee of $19.95. No subscriptions and you can download the software on 3 different computers. It has a really fun interface and it's very kid friendly! Mister Monster just loved setting up his new chore list:
Make Bed
Brush/Floss Teeth
Pick up Room
Do Homework
Help with Trash
Put Away Clean Clothes

And he's really excited to start earning his rewards! Which consist of staying up an extra half our to going to the movies or even buying a new computer game! I really think that doing these chores is going to help develope responsibility, money saving sense, and goal setting skills.

What is your opinion of chores? and what's a good age to start?

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