Mommy...I wanna be a rockstar!

To some parents that sounds like a nightmare! Not to me, it brought a tear of sheer happiness to my eye. Music has always been a very large part of my life, growing up in a broken home with my mom working 3 jobs to keep the roof over our heads and food in my tummy and not really knowing my father until I was older, music was the only stable thing in my life. I could always turn on the radio and all my problems would disappear. So to me, music, of all genre's, was and still is my heart and soul (second to Mister Monster of course!). My love for all things music has obviously influenced my son and now he wants to become a ROCKSTAR! I fully support his dreams whether to be a rockstar, fireman, police officer, or rodeo clown - I encourage him to do what makes him happy.

I caught this ADORABLE video of him rocking out to "his" song which happens to be a new rock hit from Breaking Benjamin. Please exscuse the TERRIBLE footage, keep in mind I was driving in rush hour traffic, but it was so cute I had to catch it on video. He's also looking at my camera like "Ok mom...where's the flash??"

There is a password to view these videos: mistermonster 

Next on the list: Guitar lessons for my almost 5 year old! Once thats mastered, we'll move onto drums...I'm headed to Costco right now to stock up on ear plugs.

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