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My Names Meg & I am a 20-something Mommy of 1, Mister Monster. I work full time outside of the home, but I love it. I am very stir crazy & I love working with people. I enjoy blogging, traveling, and catching up on the DVR in my spare time. I am very family oriented and I call my mother & grandmother everyday. I am a very open minded, opinionated, goofey, a little bit strange, but very spontaneous person who loves to meet new people & get's excited waaaay to easy over the smallest things! Welcome to my blog!

This is Big Daddy, Chris, he is the love of my life. We have been together for going on 3 years now & it's been an amazing journey thus far. He is not Mister Monster's biological father, but has really stepped up to the plate. Mister Monster & Big Daddy are inseperable - they have such an amazing bond. Big Daddy tends to be very sarcastic & has a dry humor, a bit of a video addiction problem & loves football! We are not married "yet" but one day in the future - we will make sure to say "I Do".

This is Mister Monster - age 5! He is the breath in my lungs! Mister Monster is a very active, goofey preschooler who's always looking to have fun. He has got quite the imagination & will make friends with anybody! Mister Monster just loves having his picture taken & strives to make people laugh - I see a future class clown right here!

That is Me & my family! We're just a big bunch of goof balls - but we really enjoy life! Thanks for stopping by!

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