I got schooled by a 5yo!

Last night was family game night and this week Mister Monster got to pick the game - he wanted to play Wii bowling - and must I say...Mommy & Daddy got SCHOOLED by a 5yo! I have never seen Mister Monster play the Wii - evidently it comes naturally to him - if there was a Wii bowling league  in our area - I'd be rushing to sign him up ASAP! Enjoy the pictures today & maybe a video thrown in there too! :)

Mister Monster Throwing a STRIKE

Look at that form!

Being silly - trying to throw it backwards! (He got a strike doing this...can you believe it??)

Daddy being lazy and playing from the Couch

Game 1: Mommy Won! *yesss!* Mister Monster 2nd place and Daddy LOSER place! :)

Game 2: Daddy Won *boo!* Mister Monster 2nd Place (He got a friggin 182!) and Mommy losing! *tear*

Video - Sorry you'll have to turn your head to see it!! My awesome camera skills.......

I recorded Mister Monster getting a spare in the 10th frame - I love his little dance at the end!

Please exscuse the family room - it's a mess and I still haven't put away the Christmas Tree....

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