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This is the second week of What I Meant To Say Wednesday over at Chiefs place! Get yer butt over there & join the fun! Or...or...I'm send this little guy to come see ya:

And no one wants to see a squirrel with a grenade launcher show up on their front door step!

To the boyfriend when asking if he could go out with his buddy last night
"Sure honey, have a good time, don't drink to much, I'll see you in the morning"

What I really meant to say
 "You better be home by 1am, If you have a buzz or smell bad- You're sleep on the couch, and if you EVEN think you're going to get some early morning nookie - you got another thing comin!!"

To the Bia who I spoke to about my credit card this morning:
So I can't close out this account? It hasn't be used in almost a year and it has no remaining balance! Fine, I'll just cut it up and throw away the card.

What I really meant to say:
Listen here you lazy, cunt. I know you can close out my account - you better do it before I get on the phone with your supervisor! I guarantee my account will be cancelled after I get done with him - and you may not have a job!
*that one was kinda harsh - sorry bout that*

To my new Assistant Manager:
Welcome to our store - I hope you like it! We are happy to have you! You did a great job at your old store.

What I really meant to say:
You do your thing and you let me do mine! I don't need someone breathing down my neck all day, you stay on your side of the floor & there won't be any problems! I don't need someone else on my case everyday - I've got customers for that. Besides - you're face reminds me of someone I strongly dislike. So watch out!
*for those of you who are new to my blog - I work for a cellphone carrier*

Wow I feel better already - Thanks Chief for letting me get that off my chest! :)
 I also want to make a quick shout out to some of my favorite blogs! You girls rock!

Cheif - for doing this awesome Carnival! & for rockin' socks!
Supah Mommy - for crackin mah shit up everytime I read her blog!
Princess - for awesome posts & planning out trip to Cabo *cheers*
Shell - You're hilarious! & brutally honest - I like that!

If you have a few moments - make sure to go & check out these girls blogs - they are truly great reads & I promise that you will love them!

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