Friend Makin' Monday - Favorite Pictures

I'ts another Makin' Friends Monday over at {AE Filkins}, this week we are posting some of our favorite pictures from this past year.  Below are some of my top moments from 2009 with my 2 favorite boys! Please enjoy, comment, and I'll show some love back on your blog! :)

This picture is adorable - This is when we were moving into our new home - Daddy wrapped Mister Monster in a blanket and put him in a box! Mister Monster just layed there - giggling! (Goof Balls!)

This picture was taken on a trip to the Zoo - we got Mister Monster's face painted, and he chose to get a snake! When we walked into one of the gift shops he found this toy snake, wrapped it around himself, then started saying "Im the Ssssssnake Man! Ssssssss" It was soooo cute! :)

Mister Monster reading "Where the Wild Things Are" with his classroom pet, Brownie, a stuffed puppy! He was so excited that it was his turn to bring Brownie home!!

This one cracks me up! We were at the Party store getting things for his Pirate Birthday Party and he found these glasses and insisted that he put them on for a photo op. I swear...it was HIS idea....

Christmas morning! Still in Jammies and opening gifts! He got way to may toys this year!

This is my favorite from Christmas - This is Daddy & Mister Monster playing with their new toys! They played with that castle for 30 mins! That's pretty good for a 5yo & 20-something boy! :)

So those are my pictures from 2009 - Thank you for stopping by! And I Hope to see you again! Have a great day!

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