What I Meant to Say - Stupid Drivers

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Now on to my What I meant to Say Post:

Went by a car dealership the other day just to look around when I saw a Motor Home pull up that looked like it was a set piece for the movie Twister.
(LOVE that movie)

I asked the salesmen what had happened to it...he told me that the driver decided to put it on cruise control and then walk to the make to make a sandwich. I just knodded and said "Wow...".

What I really meant to say was:

Ps. This may have offensive language - BEWARE

Are you fucking kidding me?! What genius puts his car on cruise control and then decides it is a GREAT IDEA to walk to the back and make a fucking turkey sandwich on Rye?! I mean really? It's not friggin Auto-Pilot you moron! That dumbass' licence should be revoked, like NOW! And never be allowed to ever get behind the wheel of a moving ANYTHING ever AGAIN!

I just want to get that guys address and call him a friggin idiot! He should have "I'm the biggest dumbass in the world" tattoo'd on his forehead.

Wow...Haha - I'm not sure I can beat this next week!

Isn't he the cutest?
He kinda looks like the guy driving the motor home, I betchya!

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