The Young vs The Old(er)

"Teenage pregnancy is not a "crisis" or "epidemic," like so many people would like us to believe. The only true epidemic associated with teen pregnancy is the overwhelming and universal lack of support available to young mothers. The only true crisis is the denial of the fact that teenage girls can be, are, and always have been, both sexual and maternal beings, with the capacity to love, procreate, and nurture.

We love our children fiercely. We protect and care for them like any mother, of any age, would. " (Quoted from Girl-Mom)

Some back History on Me:

When I was 16 years old - I was a happy high school Junior, involved in many extracirriculars (Cheerleading, Cross Country, FBLA, Spanish Club, Yearbook, and FTA.) I also had a part time job to make my own money because I was brought up to be very independent, even if I was an only child I do not believe in relying on anyone else. I had a 4.0 GPA and top 10% of my class. That year I met my future son's father - he was older (alot older) he was 22 when we met. We started dating and shortly after my 17th birthday I found out that I was pregnant, this was at the end of my Junior year. There were rumors floating around when I didnt try out for cheerleading & cross country prior to summer but I just told everyone they were rumors.

I didn't know how to cope - my family supported me every step of the way and told me that no matter what decision I made about this little life growing inside me, they would always be there for me. Which is more than ALOT of other young moms endure when this happens to them. For that I am blessed. The summer passed and of course I started showing my baby bump when my Senior year arrived. I put on my big girl pants and I marched into those halls ready for anything anyone had to say. To my surprise - No one said anything mean. Everyone including the teachers asked questions and were there to help me when I needed it.

I decided to join the Parents as Teacher's program they had through my community & I learned alot about how to cope, how to parent, and what to expect. They were an amazing group of young moms that I could relate to. I still went to class everyday up until the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy which was the end of 1st semester. My school agree'd to send a teacher to my house 3x a week to homeschool me so that I could continue my education. I had enough credits to graduate at the end of 1st semester, so I decided to do that. I had all of my college credits completed as well - So I knew I would be ready for college.

I had my son on Dec 12th, 2004. He was beautiful and everything I thought he would be - including the poop, pee, and puke. Being a 1st time mom was NOT easy but I was lucky enough to have my mother & my grandmother with me to help if I had any questions or concerns. Some young moms do not have such an amazing support system around them. January 2005 I started college (Thats 2 semester's prior to my graduating class BTW) taking 18 hours a semester both on Campus and Online so I could be home with Mister Monster. I never took a break - I had classes Spring, Summer & Fall.

It was hard to keep up with my studies & being a mom to this amazing little being but I did it. And I kept a 3.5 GPA the entire time. I found time to study while Mister Monster was sleeping or nursing and I played with him every moment he was awake. After College, I got a great job in Sales and here I am today. A 22 year young (almost 23) mommy to a 5yo boy. Would I have changed anything? No, I dont think I would. I can't see my life without Mister Monster in it. I am lucky enough to have him with me everyday, he gets to grow and learn with me. I am blessed to be able to keep up with him, get out there and play soccer and get down and dirty with him.

So despite all the cliche's not all young mothers are poor, broke, crack addicted and high school drop outs. I graduated EARLY from highschool and finished college a YEAR before others in my senior class and I make a really good living working in Sales. I can support my child with my hard earned cash, I am NOT on any state help or aide & I own my car. I can honestly say that I have proven most of the cliche's to be incorrect about young Mommies & I love it!

I know this was super long & I want to apologize for that but this is something that I feel very strongly about and I wanted to share my story with you guys. I hope that you continue to read my blog, as some people are completly against young mums, similiar to how some didn't think women should vote or people of other colors shouldn't have the same rights as us.

U guys rock! Thanks for reading & commenting *if you choose to do so*

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