10 things that make me happy...

Thank you Heather at Two Little Monkeys Plus Hubby for tagging me to do 10 Things that make me Happy! I am really excited to join the fun! Here's my 10:

1. Waking up to Mister Monster every morning! I love the morning snuggles & kisses! I don't even mind the cartoons as long as I get a good snuggle!
2. Spending time with Chris - he always knows how to make me happy.
3. Starbucks coffee on a Spring Morning - people watching.
4. Being on the beach - I love the ocean & everything is has to offer.
5. Spending time with my Family & Friends - I don't get to see them NEAR enough.
6. Road Trips with no purpose! I love to just get in the car & drive - doesn't matter where as long as I can have the radio on & the window's down. Not much better than that.
7. My iphone! It really makes my everyday life easier! Love the apps! Especially my blogger ones!! :)
8. Meeting new people - I am always open to meeting potential new friends!
9. Sushi - Oh my goodness! I can't even think about life without it!
10. My Blog & this awesome Blogging community!

Now I get to tag 10 other bloggers to do list there 10 things they love!

  1. Cathy @ Antsy Pants

Also, if you are looking for some new reads - you better check these girls out! They are some *a very small portion* of my favorite reads! I think you will love them just as much as I do!

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