I started my Work out! 1 Day down - 89 to go!

Yesterday I started the diet & today I started the exercise! Wow - O - Wow! That P90x sure made me feel the burn & now I just feel numb! I made sure to BRING IT today and I recorded all my reps and weights like I was supposed to! Now I just need to make sure to Stick with It! Only 89 days left to go! If you would like to help keep me motivated or if your interested in my progress please check out my P90x blog at I Commit 2 Be Fit and the comments are much appreciated as I know this is going to be hard to stay motivated and keep with the program! Make sure to subscribe so you get updates from me! It's also going to have some healthy recipies that I'm trying during my experience as well as Health Tips & Misc posts related to fitness, being healthy, and just loving yourself (inside & OUT)!

I also have a Twitter account open for this blog, if you are interested in following me, please do! iCommit2beFit

Who else is going to be working on their health or losing weight? I would love to follow with your progress and help keeep you motivated as well!

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