New Year = New Me

So New year and a New me. In 2010 not only do I want to complete P90x and look HAWT again, I aslo want to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritualy as a mom, girlfriend, and human being! I hope this blog will help me along the way - help to mold me into the person that I want to be.

First thing first, I'm starting with my health by the work out everyday and the better diet (started a blog check it out! & help keep me motivated by subscribing and commenting!)

Next thing is a new job - which will allow me to be at home more with Mister Monster - I have been a single mom for most of Mister Monster's life and I have always had to work 40+ hours a week. Seems like I blinked and he's 5 already and I feel that I have missed out on Soooo much and it's not fair. He's my only child and he deserves to have me more in his life.

Third I want to work on my spirituality - I would like to find a good bible study group in my area with peers my age and to find a church where our family meshes well and we enjoy going to. I have not been to church once since I have moved up here (8months). And I really want to get back on track and just involve god in our lives more.

And lastly I want to feel good emotionally - I want to happy everyday (for the most part) and do the things that I enjoy more this year. Less work and more family time. I am even thinking about having a Mandatory family night every week where we go to a movie, or play board games, or do something craft just the three of us. I think it would be good for all of us.

So these are my goals for 2010! Let's get started!

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