Christmas Week Recap

Warning - this is just short of a book - and I'm sorry for it being so long, but if you do not read it in its entirity - I won't hold ANYTHING against you! :)

As much as I love and appreciate everything associated with Christmas and the birth of Jesus, I am sooo happy that it is finally over and that I can move on with everyday life! 4 houses in 2 days isn't bad but when 2 houses are in Louisville, KY and the other 2 are in Missouri and there's a 5 hour drive one way involved, it's exhausting! On Wed night we drove to Louisville, got there around 11:30pm to surprise Chris' mom *she was under the assumption that we werent making it to Christmas in Kentucky*, and boy was she surprised! She sqeeled in delight! :)

Thursday morning we woke up to eggs, bacon, and pancakes and TONS of presents in the middle of the floor. This year we made a deal with Chris' parents - no exchanging of presents to the adults because his parents are paying for our 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in Orlando for our Family Disney Trip in May/June. Which only meant that all those presents were for Mister Monster! He got about 10 new toys and 2 new outfits - what a great Christmas!

(Chris' Mom & Dad's Table FULL of presents for the kids!)

Thursday evening we headed to Chris' aunts house for dinner with his entire family and I mean there were about 30 people there! Mister Monster ran off with a cousin so I had a chance to relax and just chit chat with his family. His uncle is a minister in Kentucky and was offering to marry us in the next room right then and there - which I was all for - but of course Chris wasn't going for it. His uncle even took off his wedding ring and told Chris to try it on and see how it looked!! Not going to happen. Haha. He tried for about 2 hours and 2 houses later still trying to marry us. I like him. *The story about Chris and I will come in a later post*

Friday morning we woke up to breakfast again and lot's of goodies to take back home with us! After eating, we got back on the road around 7am to head to Missouri. 5 hours later we arrived at My Great Grandma's house for lunch. We ate, helped cleaned up, and played Quirckle *some game I have never heard of, but it was alot of fun*. Then headed to my grandma's to open more Christmas Presents. Needless to say, Mister Monster made out like a bandit! He got around 30-40 NEW toys and about 50 new pairs of socks!! And he still has 5 more presents from us to open today - which are toys as well.

(Mister Monster & Daddy playing with his new toys)

Chris and I have decided that next year we are going to only spend about $100 on Mister Monster for Christmas and put the other $200 we spent this year in a savings account for him to give him when he turns 18. We're going to start putting in all of his birthday/holiday money in there as well. So then we will be more prepared for his first car, college, etc.

On a very happy note! My littles cousin had her first baby over the Holiday! Malichi Edward was born on December 24th at 5:02pm! Weighing in at 4lbs, 13 ounces (he was 7 weeks early) but both mom and baby are healthy and doing well!

(Malichi Edward just hours after being born - isn't he just a doll?!)

Hope you and your family had a Very Merry Christmas!! I wish many great things in 2010 for each and everyone of you!

Ps. Now I want to have another baby!! Mine's 5 years old now and I want a little one again! Do you guys ever go through this?

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