Thank You Thursday - 12/10/09

The Daily Dribbles

Thanks to Supah Mommy I found The Daily Dribbles and KMama's "Thank you very much Thursday". This sounded like so much fun I just had to jump aboard! Please make sure to check out both the blogs and get in on the fun! I look forward to reading everyones Thank You's!

- To the customers with bill issues - Thank you very much for blaming every issue and problem with your bill & account on me, even though I have never seen or talked to you before in my life! I will try my best to get the issues fixed all with a smile on my face and thinking to myself "I wish I could kick you". 

- To the winds in St Louis, who stole and hid my $25 trashcan from Target. Now I have to go out of my way to buy another one!. Thank you very much!

-To Mister Monster, for telling me that he doesn't want me to be his mom anymore because I wouldnt let him eat pizza for breakfast this morning. Because Grandma let's him do it at her house. Thank you very much!

- To my Grandma, who allows my son to eat pizza and cookies for breakfast when he's at your house! Which creates a future disagreement with my almost 5, going on 16 year old baby boy! Thank you very much!

- To my iPhone - Everytime I am on the phone on an important phone call you always seem to DROP MY CALL. Now I have to call that person back and explain to them how my phone sucks sometimes but I love everything else about it, I refuse to get anything else. Thank you very much! 

The Daily Dribbles

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Kmama said...

Great Thank You's! Thank you for linking up with me.

I take it you work in customer service. Bless you...I don't envy you one bit!!

Manic Mommy Meg said...

KMama - Yes I work in Telecommunications and it sure is fun when you get thhose "All I want to do is complain" customers! But it pay's the bills! Thanks for stopping by!!

Casy Schweickart said...

Isn't that crazy about the i-phone?! I have one too and would not know how to function without it but sometime I want to throw it out the window! LOL

Brandi said...

Why do grandmas do that?!!! I have the same issue with my mom letting my kids eat candy for dinner when she babysits for me. Then I get home and they're so hyped up on sugar I can't get them to bed! Grrr.

Shell said...

I could not handle that job- way too stressful.

And grandmas....all that spoiling needs to stop! Makes us mamas look bad.


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