Can Moms Have Pink Hair?

I recently decided it was time for a change and to get a little crazy, you only live once and might as well enjoy it! I have been wanting to put some PINK im my hair for a while now - I tend to me the crazier, spontaneous type personality and this proves it! I added heavy blonde highlights and some pink my bangs for a fun, crazy kind of look. I went to pick up Mister Monster from school and all the teachers complimented on it! One even told me they wish they could pull something like this off!! So It was a hit! And I am absolutly thrilled with the results! Here, Take a Look:

Mister Monster making a silly face!

Smiling at the camera! :)

So What are your thoughts? Can a mom have pink hair?

2 Manic Comments:

thatgirlblogs said...

I like it. It's almost brown and then it's ooh, pink! very cute.

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah a mom can have pink hair! I have tried it before (wasnt a mom then) really didn't look that good on me, but I like it on you, looks really good! Enjoyed reading your blog!


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