Things I love Thursday - Smores

Things I love Thursday - Smores!

There is nothing are very few things better than smore's in my opinion. The warm, lightly brown toasted marshmallow smooshing between two sweet graham crackers and a melted milk chocolate square - heaven! Smore's are truly one of my favorite campside snacks - a true favorite childhood past time. I remember camping with the family and having a campfire next to the lake and just toasting marshmallows and enjoying the sweet (and oh so NOT healthy) snack and talking about whatever came to mind. I have a lot of great memories with smores - I even had my first kiss around a campfire cookin' smores. What's your favorite campsite snack?

Here's some pics over the summer of us making smore's at our hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida:

Hotel Smore's Kit

Marshmallows, Grahams, and Chocolate! & of course
the firepit for roasting!

Chirs with the toasting rods!

A little more burnt than I like - but was still yummy!

Enjoying our Smore's!

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