Things I love Thursday - Gingerbread Houses

Things I love Thursday - Gingerbread Houses

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Things I love most this week are gingerbread houses! Mister Monster, Big Daddy, and Myself are going to be building one tomorrow night! There's nothing like getting sticky & messy from the yummy vanilla icing and putting the gum drops, peppermints, and spree's in a creative yet fun little house. Whoever came up with this idea was an absolute genious and I am super Thankful for them!! It's always fun to see how our gingerbread people come out as well! They are a true expression of how you see yourself *in gingerbread anyways*. What's your favorite part of the gingerbread house building?

This is last years Gingerbread House, Mister Monster age 3 & myself. I put the icing and he did all the candy! This year's will come in the next couple of days! :)

 To get in true spirit of Christmas and decorating the Gingerbread house, I found a virtual one that you can do from your computer! Lot's of fun without the sticky mess! Enjoy! Make your's here at: Jenny B Harris

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Mel said...

Oh my son would love that virtual gingerbread house! Your house from last year was so cute! Thanks for stopping by.:) I'm subscribing.:)

Mothers' Hideaway said...

Last year's looks great! I think we are going to attempt this this weekend- my 4 year old is looking forward to it! Good luck with this year's house!


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