A Special Message from Santa

Tina over at Otherhood, LLC , posted a great website where you can have a personalized message sent directly from the North Pole to that special little person in your life!

I made one for Mister Monster - when my laptop "Dinged" to notify me I had a new email I asked him to come sit with me, that Santa had sent him an email to check on him. We watched it together (was my first time seeing it too) and it was simply magical. Mister Monster was all smiles and was talking back to Santa and telling him how good he was going to be and how he was going to work on going to bed like Santa asked him!

It is free and you can email it to family as well *I emailed it to my mom* Its really a great website! I'm favoriting it for next year too!

Click Here for your personalized message from the North Pole!!

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