Birthday Party for Mister Monster!

In just 1 week my little Mister Monster will no longer be so little! He turns the big 5 years old! Wowza! Time sure does fly when youre having fun...or working 40 hours a week! I am really excited about this birthday party however - he has really gotten to help pick out a theme, favor boxes, his cupcakes, etc! I feel like he's the creative genious on this one! And he's decided on Monster Trucks PIRATES! Which I could not be happier for (I have been voting for a pirate party for the last 4 years!). Arrr.....

Yesterday I went to Whipt Cream in Chesterfield, MO to order his cupcakes! I took in one of the extra favor boxes and I'm really excited to see how they turn out! They are going to do a few crossbones, treasure maps, coins with "5" on them, etc! I paid around $45 for a dozen, but I think know they will be WAAAY worth it!

(This is where I got my inspiration on the cupcakes!)

For the party favors we picked up cardboard treasure chests with gems/skull & crossbones/"Booty" on the outside. For the favors themselves we picked up eye patches, ear rings, spyglasses, Chocolate coins or "Booty", pirate tattoos, noisemakers and stickers!

Party Decor consists of a Treasure Map table cloth and pirate themed plates & napkins along with a HUGE "Happy Birthday" banner with pirates on it! We even got an inflatable Parrot to make his birthday complete! "Polly want a cupcake!"

Any idea's on games? Kids ages range from 5 to 9! Pictures to come in a week!

I also need help with 1 favor - I have a 13 yo girl coming (my little step sister) and I want to make her a favor box but IDK what to put in it! She's not going to enjoy all the boys favors - any idea's there? Thanks in advance for your help!!


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Anonymous said...

I love the Pirate theme! It sounds like it is going to be so much fun! As far as the help for idea with games, can't help you there. Sorry. Maybe for the 13yr old, if she is into makeup, maybe some lipgloss, nail polish, or something for her hair. Again I'm horrible at things for children, hopefully as my baby girl gets older it come easier for me :) at least for her sake

thatgirlblogs said...

love those cupcakes!!!!!


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