Post-It Note Tuesday

Post It Note Tuesday is so much fun! This is my first week in participating and I'm really excited. It's such a fun idea....whatever you are thinking or want to tell someone you just write it on a post it note and then display in on your blog. Please check out Supah Mommy's blog and join the fun!

I have watched this movie 11 times in 7 days! Looove it!

If I wake him up he is CRAAANKY! But if I let him sleep and he wakes himself up he's in a great mood!

You know we've all been here...

I appreciate it when a retail employee says "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holiday's". I actually hugged a lady a few weeks ago because she wish my son a Merry Christmas. I think it's ridiculous that we as people are not allowed to wish other a Merry Christmas in the retail world.

I'm excited to see what your post it notes look like! And Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again! :)

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Corrie Howe said...

I love "Don't interrupt mommy when she's talking to herself." And I can totally agree with Merry Christmas.

Welcome to the fun. My link will probably take you to my main blog, which I didn't play Post It. But I did here at www.corriehowe.wordpress.com

Deb Thaxton said...

-->I love the wake up Grouchy one. Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have no issues saying it to anyone.


MaeRae said...

Great Post its! I love the fact that you love to be wished Merry Christmas.

Amber said...

I love your post-it's! I talk to myself too

carissajaded said...

haha I love that you've seen Elf 11 times this season. Best Movie Ever!!! Love your post its and your site!! I'll be back!

Erin said...

Great job with your first post-its! I'm addicted. I found you on Supah Mommy's blog and wanted to say hi! Trying to figure out where your follow button is so I can follow!

Casy Schweickart said...

Love your post-its!! Especially the grouchy one! ;0)


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