Great Find - Ultimate Grocery List

So I am always looking for ways to make everyday things easier and more convient and I have a GREAT FIND I would like to share with you.

The Ultimatest Grocery List

I'm always the one who scribbles on a notepad what I need from the grocery store to find that I forgot it on the counter at the house - so turning the car around,I park, get out and I continue to shop and pick up the things that I can recall from memory.

With a 5 year old in the cart wanting one or two every sugary, sweet thing he finds, grabbing and placing things in the cart when I'm not looking to see how many calories are in a jar of barbeque sauce, it really makes it hard to remember EVERYTHING you had on that list.

So I decided to create "Google" printable grocery lists and found a great one on GroceryLists.Org
It has everything and more that I would need to put on my list! So I wanted to share with each of you and see what you thought of it!

To download
Right-click the links below or the sample image and choose “Save file as…”, “Save link as…” or whatever. Last updated 28 Sep 2008.

Free download: THE ULTIMATEST GROCERY LIST (Deluxe version)
Free download: THE ULTIMATEST GROCERY LIST (Vegetarian version)
Let me know what you think about it! But I have decided to print it and use it from now on! That is...If I can remember to bring this list with me! :)

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