Friend Makin' Monday - New Year's Resolutions

Another week, another Friend Makin' Monday over at {aefilkins} and this week we get to share our New Year's resolutions!

This year I only really have one New Year's Resolution and that is to complete a full circuit of P90x starting Jan 1st thru March 31st and to cut out  All most fastfood from my diet! And really work hard at maintaining an exercise routine and healthy diet! My ultimate goal is to lose 20lbs at the end of 90 days but we'll see what happeneds! 

Other things that I would LIKE to happen in 2010 but they are not resolutions: Get engaged to Chris (We've been together for 3 years now - it's about that time), Find another job that allows me to spend more time with Mister Monster (Currently working Full Time for a cellphone company and 50-60 hours a week just isn't working well with me!), Learn to budget my money (If I drop down to part time I have to get used to spending less every month! No more McD's for dinner every night!)

Please link up at {aefilkins} and start makin' some friends today!!

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