Friend Makin' Mondays - Embarrasing Moments

Embarrasing Story Numero Uno:
       The sweet, not-so-innocent family (Mister Monster, Big Daddy & Myself) was on your average grocery trip - grabbing the necessities - and maybe a few fun extra's. Bid Daddy is pushing the cart with Mister Monster around the bubble bath area while I run to the make up dept to get more lipgloss when all of a sudden I hear "PENIS!!!!!" from a tiny little voice that sounds an awful lot like Mister Monster. I peek around the corner as Big Daddy is "Hugging" mister monster as to muffle his sounds. I look at Daddy and he is BEAT red but laughing hysterically. This older lady, probably 65ish in age, glares at us as she walks towards the pin up curlers. My face instantly started burning from embarrasment! What's worse was as we were checking out Mister Monster does it AGAIN! "PENIS!" and starts laughing about it. He think's its a game! Oh what a trip. I've decided from this time forward the Boys will be staying at home while I go grocery shopping!

Embarrasing Story Numero Dos:
   A few summers ago a group of friends and myself went to the Lake for the weekened. With no kids present there was some alcohol flowing. Well after a few drinks and a sunny day on the lake I decided it was time to layout and grab some sun and take a little nap on the deck. I woke up a little while later to my friends shaking me and telling me it's time to head to the restraunt. As we walk into eat, I noticed a lot of strange faces and few snickers from my friends. I kept asking what was going on. After eating some dinner, I ran to the restroom before leaving. As I am washing my hands, I look up to see that I have a MUSTACHE on my face.  A nice curly, old west cowboy, kind of mustache! I grab a papertowl and scrub it off. Face red and warm I walk back out to the table and everyone starts laughing hysterically. That's the last time I nap around my friends! I'm still trying to find a way for payback! Jerks. Haha!

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ModernMom said...
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ModernMom said...

LOL Let me try that again:)
This is one of the best grocery shoping stories ever! Love it:)

The Royal Family said...

Oh kids are the best... LOL My storey is my 2 yr old talking about farts LOL

I love the mustache i would kill!!!!


check out my post, I have two giveaays going on right now too!

blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, you really had me laughing! I love stories like that!

Amanda said...

Kids say the most embarrassing things sometimes. Funny story, and I love the moustache story - hilarious! Happy Monday!

Sara said...

I hope u took revenge on your friends:)
Happy FMM

Karren said...

Oh my goodness, I would have been so upset with my friends!! I hope you get them back! lol

Nicole said...

Lol how awful! You must think of a payback! haha thanks for sharing! I am only brave enough to share 1!

Happy FMM =D


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