Thank you Very Much Thursday - 12/17/09

The Daily DribblesAnother week, another therapy session! It's time for another Thank you Very Much Thursday with Kmama over at Daily Dribbles! If you would like to join the fun please go check out K Mama's blog and link up! It makes you feel better after all is said & done! :)

So here it goes:

To person on my butt in the carpool lane flashing your lights at me - I am already going 20 mph OVER the speed limit! If you will wait just 2 more minutes for me to pass this 18 wheeler I will be more than happy to move my little hiney right on over before you flip your lid or I get a speeding ticket - Thank you very much! PS flashing your bright lights at me really makes me want to slow down to 30 mph on the interstate - but I was feeling more nice than usual.

To Burger King - for making those Oh so Delicious, fried in 4 tons of grease, covered in a pound of powdered sugar, with a side of icing on the side, 9000 calories Funnel Cake Sticks! I can't stop eating them and I feel like im gaining 4lbs of fat on my ass with every stick! Thank you very much! 

To the lady with the shopping cart behind me - I was in the aisle first, if you need to get around me, there is enough room in the aisle for both of us! It's just me and you - there is no need to bump your cart into my heels over and over again while smirking and saying "sorry" with every bloody nudge! Thank you very much!

Yep - I feel better! I think you should join in on the free therapy from The Dialy Dribbles and link up! Also, if you leave me comment love - you know I'm going to show some back!

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