Friend Makin' Monday - Holiday Home Tours

Today for friend Makin Monday {aefilkins} wants to do a holiday home tour - where you take pics of your home to show off how you have decorated for the Christmas Holiday, but unfortunatly with Mister Monster's 5th birthday this weekend and having a full-time job in retail for that matter, has not left me much time to decorate my house. So I will post a pic of our Christmas Tree - but that's about it at our home this year, but please make sure to join in on the fun for Friend Makin Monday - I'd love to see what your beautiful home looks like! :)

This is my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! There are ornaments you just can't see them in this pic all to well.

Well thank you very much for stopping by - I'm sorry I didnt have more to show everyone! Next year for sure!

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