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So my baby turns 5 tomorrow - it's amazing how quickly this day has come! Seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital, it was snowing that night, and sooo cold! We had to bundle him up in 3 blankets to make sure he was toasty warm. He was born at 10:29pm, and weighed 9lbs 1oz! Was such a big boy! I remember he took his first steps at just 8 months! He didnt get his first tooth until 13months. Slept in a big boy bed at 15 months. It's all come and gone too quickly! *tear* but I know im not the only one who's felt this way!! So I hope you guys don't mind that I take a little trip down memory lane!

 Age 3 months

Age 6 months

1st Halloween - 10 months

1st Birthday (before 1st hair cut)

1 year 3 months - Still no hair cut!

Age 2 years, 6 months

Age 3

Age 4 (Easter '09)

Jay & Daddy - Jay age 4 (before fully pottytrained)

Halloween '09 - age 4

My baby turns 5 tomorrow...it's crazy how quickly he's grown up! Can't he stay little forever?? Well thank  you for allowing me this quick trip down memory lane! I got teary eyed thinking how old my baby's getting. Do you guys ever do that?

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