Women's Daybook: Dec. 7th, 2009

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Outside my window...Grey skies, frost on the ground, but no snow :(

I am thinking...of heading to Hobby Lobby to buy the materials to make Mister Monster's Treasure Chest for his treasure hunt activity for his Birthday Party on Saturday.

I am thankful for... Life - a dear family friend just passed away on Friday from a heartattack. What's crazy is that SAME DAY she got her hair done as usual and even went and played cards with her girlfriends. She was 80 years old, but what an amazing woman. She loves Christmas and I will miss seeing her this year at the Christmas Program at my grandmothers church. I have known her my entire life and it's just crazy how fast your life ends. She will be missed, but this year, she get's to spend Christmas with her husband, so that is wonderful!

I am wearing... The usual - food & marker stained pants & shirt. :) Love my Kiddo!

I am remembering... All the great times I had with Bernice! She will be forever missed.

I am going... to watch "Elf"  for the 10th time this month! Love this movie! :)

I am currently reading... "The Host" By Stephanie Meyer

I am hoping... for Jay's birthday to be a smash Saturday and for some snow this winter - No ice tho!

On my mind... How I am going to stay motivated for my diet/excersise plan in January?

Noticing that... I really need to get my nails done - or get them taken off!

Pondering these words... I don't really have any at this time - I'll work on it for next week!

From the kitchen... Breakfast Burritos! Yum!

Around the house... Tiday and very clean! Had guests over this weekend so I cleaned all day Friday! Now...how long will this last with a 5 year old?

One of my favorite things... Cabins in the Mountains in Autumn/Winter. Drinking coffee from the porch and just watching nature and listening to the sounds. No TV's in the background, No Radios or MP3 Players. Just Nature and myself.

From my picture journal...

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One More Equals Four said...

I LOVE Elf, we watched it this weekend and it is just as cute every time!

Have a wonderful time at the Pirate Party. My oldest son did a pirate theme for one of his birthdays and it was so much fun! Hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your daybook post. I haven't done one of those before, is it something that you have to be tagged for? Sorry to hear about your friend that passed.


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