Friend Makin' Monday -

1. Favorite website: Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger! And I have apps of all 3 on my iPhone! Addicted!

2. Favorite color: Green & Black & Pink

3. Facebook? YES!! I'm addicted to Yoville!

4. Favorite Christmas song?

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Fake - although I miss the smell of a fresh pine tree, the needles are just too much trouble to keep vacuumed up! Plus I belive in Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle! :)

6. Hottest celebrity? George Clooney! He may be 20 somethin' years older than me, but he is still yummy!

7. Favorite restaurant? TGIFridays! I love their Jack Daniels Chicken & Mashed Potatoes! Yum! Now I'm hungry...greart!

8. Favorite magazine? I'm not a big magazine reader, however Im going to go with Cosmo

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Hot Coco + Starbucks coffee! But only when it's cold outside, it's starting to come around - Looks like snow on Thursday!

10. Favorite Christmas movie? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation OR Rudolph! It's a Classic!

Head on over to {aefilkins} and join in on the FMM fun! (Link is located under the button at top of post!)


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