Just another Manic Mom Day

I've decided to start a blog in an effort for a creative outlet outside of the full time madness and chaos I call my life. My typical day starts between 6:30-7:15am depending on when Mister Monster rolls out of bed, runs down the hall usually singing the newest diddy from preschool and climbs into mine to "snuggle" which usually translates into "Let's pretend we're in dark tunnel and climb all around, over, and under mommy & daddy!" A few "Lay Still's" and "Shh's" later I hear a groggy groan coming from the west side of the bed, Daddy Territory. Time to get up before Pappa Bear awakes from his 8 hour hibernation! Mister Monster races me down the stairs, which of course he wins every race because HE'S JUST SOOO FAST!, to plop down onto the sofa and request his morning shot of Spongebob and Super Hero Squad! After turning on the TV and hearing "Mom, I dont want the News (or weather or that or this) I want Toons!" I finally get to head into the kitchen to start my morning.

 First, make breakfast and depending on the day consists of frozen toaster waffles, bowl of cereal, or a banana. Next it's time to bring out the super cool superman mouthwash that makes our teeth look like the Blue Man Group had a party and forgot to clean up! Brush Brush Brush our teeth (and then clean up the remaining mess on my counter!). Another race has started, this time it's an obsticle course: Run up the stairs, around the corner and down the hall. Stop at the dresser to find the outfit for the day, attempt to find two matching socks, and then race to see who can get dressed first. Grab the shoes and the coat and run down the hall, around the corner, and cross the finish line also known as our sofa for a victory chant of "I'm faster than you, Ha Ha Ha Ha HA"

Shoes on? Check. Coat? Check. Car Keys? Check. Cellphone? Check. And Out the door we go to drop him off at Preschool and I'm headed to an 8 hour day of dealing with the public & their problems, complaints, and negative comments about the company that I work for. (Which is in Telecommunications, I work for a National Cellphone company).

At the end of the long work day, it's time to head home, fix supper - feed the family, clean up the mess the family has made including the little crumbles of tonights fish sticks and tater tots under the table that like to cling onto our socks and make their way into the cushions of my couch. Brush Brush Brush our teeth one more time, again clean up the mess (why do I even bother???). Bed, Kiss, Hug, Snuggle, Drink, Bed, Kiss, Goodnight.

KERPLOOF! Now it's my turn to tune into my weekly recordings on my DVR (Thank goodness for Uverse!) Just think, I get to do this all over again in about 10 hours! Sweet Dreams!

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