You're a Mean one...MS GRINCH!

"Grinch, Scrooge, the Anti-Claus, take your pick of titles – I gladly wear them all."
This definitly describes me!

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas season in full force - you can't walk into a retail store without having Christmas Carols forced into your ears - don't get me wrong, I love the idea of getting together with Family and enjoying those who I do not see through out the rest of the year, going to church and celebrating the true Christmas - me & Jesus are tight like that. It's everything else that causes me to "shutter" with ba-hum-bug-ness everytime I hear the words "Holiday, Christmas, or Cheer". I have decided to compile a list of what exactly brings out the Scrooge in me.

6. Eggnog - One word...SICK! Who ever came up the idea of putting alcohol in raw eggs is obviously on drugs! I know eggs are a wonderful source for protein & nutrtion - but I like my eggs scrambled and my alcohol in a diet coke over ice with a little pretty red stirrer stick!

5. Elf - (The movie) - I would consider myself a Will Ferrall fan - but I absolutly HATE Buddy the Elf. I want to put that little green and yellow hat up his Christmas Cheery butt! I don't think I would necessarily feel this way if I didn't have to watch it EVERDAY at work - it plays on loop from the time we open to the time we close. I am so tired of "Hi Dad, I'll call you back in Fiiiive minutes!". Kill me please - death by Elfs enscribed on my gravestone!

4. The Expense - I understand (and secretly enjoy) purchasing gifts for my son & family, but there are also a ton of HIDDEN costs - so you buy a Leapster System for $50, you think you got a great deal! Think again...you have to now purchase wrapping paper ($5), pretty little bows ($5), To/From Tags ($4), Tape ($1.50), Batteries ($10), gas to get to and from the stores ($8), then you donate to a good cause ringing a bell outside of your fav retail establishment ($2) - that same $50 gift has just turned into $87.50! That's just for presents, now you have to decorate a tree, buy pretty little blinking lights to place all around your house, and yard, and inside, and in your car...are you THAT person? I'm not. I do put up a tree for my son & Santa and an advant calendar on our fireplace, maybe some stockings, but I am not the person who decorates my house and then puts my address on the "Neighborhood of Lights Tour". Costs to much for the electric bill!

3. Black Friday - I realize some of you crazy ass' actually enjoy getting up at the butt crack of dawn and standing in line for 6 hours to save $30 on a Digital Picture Frame for your grandparents, but you are the reason why I have to be up to open the store!! I enjoy sleeping in & I tend to get rather cranky when I dont get my 9 hours of sleep - Black Friday shoppers are the DEVIL! Little old ladies getting knocked over for tupperware, people getting shot for Tickle Me Elmo's...it's just insane. Here's food for thought - sleep in on Friday and wait until Monday morning! Cyber Monday is the shiz!

2. The Cold Weather - The thought of having to put on a Coat that makes my hair stand up from static then walk outside with 2 layers of socks, long underwear, and gloves just to scrape ice from the windshield of my car makes me sick. The icy roads (and the idiots who drive on them), the rosey cheeks and frost biten noses, fingers so cold I couldn't make an emergency call on my iPhone if my life depended on it (not really, but it sounds good) makes me wish I lived somewhere like Hawaii - beautiful weather every day of the year. Somehow I know if I moved there I would no longer HATE winter, just strongly detest it. :)

1. Christmas Music - This is defintily my number one reason for hating the holidays. It wouldn't be so bad if the radio stations, stores, doctors offices and every other public location would start playing it 2-3 weeks before Christmas...but NO...they have to play it September 1st and beyond. I haven't even planned out if I am going to bake a pecan or pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and my head is already getting a migraine from Justin Beiber singing "Silent Night".  I must admit on that note, I will listen to Christmas music ON CHRISTMAS - in the spirit of the Holiday, but frankly, by the time the Holiday rolls around I want to poke my eyes out with sharpened Candy Canes.

Now that is all said & done - please do not throw fruit cake at me! I still believe in Christmas and the true Christian reason behind it, its all this corporate america, spend money, buy gifts etc that I can't stand!

On another (nice) Note.... I want to wish each & every one of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS & A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! (and I really mean that!!!)

Now for your listening pleasure - A friend on mine emailed this to me:

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Lisa said...

I so agree on almost all of these! The expense is ridiculous. The movie ELF, I never made it through the first time. Black Friday sux and I don't participate.Christmas music is played way way to early and the saddest is people have forgotten the true meaning of the holiday.its all commercialized.
I love Christmas but its crammed down our throats so bad its hard to enjoy it.

Holly said...

I just posted something on my blog as to why I agree with you on most of this!


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