And I'm Back....For good this time!

Hey there gals! (and guys!!) I'm sorry that I have been on Haitus so long, but this girl is BACK...in BLACK! Well...mostly pink...I like pink! :) Black makes you look so gothicy...but anyways...

Alot has happened in the last few months....I almost moved to Kentucky,

almost bought a new house,
(It was beautiful BTW)

almost transferred jobs,

and almost got engaged.

Now what actually happened.....

We resigned our Lease here in St.Louis
I'm staying at my present job, BUT

added 2 others to the pot - Scentsy & Macaroni Kid

I have not gotten my shiny donut

however, Chris better hurry up, or I'm going to shank him!!

I'm not lying...I'll shank his ass! No really...crazy cracker bia here!

But we are leaving for a week in the Happiest Place on Earth in 18 days!

That is something to look forward to...a 13 hours car ride with a 5 1/2 year old, Chris, and both of Chris' parents. Mind you, I love his parents, but being stuck in the back with Jay & his mom for 13 hours just doesn't sound like a good time.

But once we make it to Florida - good times will be had!

Anyone want me to pick up a set of Mickey Ears for them? Hey - that gives me a great giveaway idea!!

But I must say I am most excited about being a Publisher Mom for West St. Louis Macaroni Kid! If you would be so kind as to subscribe to my newsletter - that would be AWESOME!
And My Facebook Page...
And why not my Twitter Account while you're at it?

If you don't do it now...you know I'm going to make you in the form a giveaway....

Consider yourself WARNED!

That is all for now...but stay tuned for Post-It Note Tuesday....Oh how I have missed cheap post-it therapy!!

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