Pre-K Graduation

Last night was a huge milestone in Mister Monster *And mines* life! He graduated Preschool! The ceremony was absolutly adorable, they even marched in to the room with the Graduation Procession! I will admit right here, right now, I bawled like a baby! It's all starting to sink in that my little man is longer a baby!

It was only yesterday....

Seems like last night he graduated Pre-K, this weekend he starts Kindergarten and Next weekend he goes off to college! Time sure does fly. I'm an emotional wreck just thinking about here!

But without further adieu...here's some pictures from last night!

3 Very Rotten Boys! :)

Mommy, Daddy, and MM

MM Wanted to do a silly face! Daddy lookin at us like we're nuts!

4 generation photo with my Grandma, Mom & MM

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Oka said...

I remember these kind of milestones being celebrate when I was younger. The community where I live doesn't do anything like this until they graduate high school. No pre-school, no Kindergarten, no elementary, or middle school graduations :(

He looks absolutely happy and so does his family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a special day!! And cute design :)

Amber said...

So cute!!


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