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Ok...my Best Bloggin Buddy, Amber,  just brought her awesome SWAP to my attention...I have joined some in the past...and they are a ton of FUN...but I must say...I am the most excited about this one!

We are swapping any pair (or more) of glasses, in addition to our favorite drink recipes. This recipe can be either alcoholic or non alcoholic, the choice is yours (this should go without saying, but if you are swapping an alcoholic recipe, you must be of age to drink, I don't want to see anyone being irresponsible here). I know I am going to end up getting my glasses from www.etsy.com (have you seen how adorable some of them are?!) but feel free to shop around. Also, feel free to get whatever type of glasses you want. You can either send the glasses and the recipe yourself, or if you are ordering glasses have them shipped directly to your partner and send a card with your favorite recipe.

Here is what is going to happen:
Sign up! You have until June 25th to sign up on either of our blogs. When you sign up, just let us know if you plan on swapping and alcoholic recipe or a non-alcoholic recipe (so we can pair you up respectively). You only have to sign up on our of our blogs, but please leave your email if it is not linked up to your blog (and honestly, it is just much easier to link you blog!)

Pair up! On Saturday, June 26th, Amanda and I will go through and create partners based on your drink recipe preference. We will then email you your partner's name and we will expect you to get in contact with your partner.
Find it! Start thinking about the recipe you want to send as well as the glasses. We are going to be extremely generous and you will have until July 23rd to mail off your glasses and recipe. We understand that some people will be having custom glasses made and this might take awhile, which is why we are giving you so much time. Please note, we are expecting each person to spend $20 - $30 on your swap partner. We know this is a lot of money, but think, you will be getting a set of glasses worth the same amount. Another note, we want to emphasize that you should send at least two glasses. Won't it be nice to have a cute set?
Write it! When you get your package, please dedicate a blog post to what you received from your partner!

Link up! On July 30th, we will have a link up for all of the recipes and glasses exchanged!

So start signing up. This is their first swap ever, and we are so excited to have you all participate!

Let me know if you are planning on joining the fun - and make sure to let them know that I sent you!


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