Our Trip to Florida

As fun as family vacations are, I am so happy to be at home! There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, eating your own food, and not worrying about stepping on anyone elses toes! Florida this year was a blast - for both the adults & the kids!

We went to Disney World on Sunday - lots of fun, rained a bit mid day & then made it horribly sticky & humid but none-the-less, a good time!
Then on Monday we went to the beach, only stayed for about 2hrs but seeing Jay's reaction the ocean was one that I will remember forever, and the first thing he said "Oh Yuck, this tastes like salty crap, mom!"
Tuesday - Super fun day at Universal Studios *which was also my favorite day!!!* where Jay & I got to meet Spongebob Square Pants & got to ride a ton of rides - we also bought some Cotton Candy....YUMM!!
Wednesday - Went Outlet shopping - oh ya! Bought a super cute new Coach purse & matching Wallet. Also bought Chris a Coach wallet (Men's of course) and only spent $246 *LOVE great deals!!*
That night us adults went out to a Dinner Mystery thing - was so much fun! I want to do one again - I just loved it!!!
Thursday - Islands of Adventure - again, another super fun day, but my idiot self left the digital camera battery charging at the house, so I had to buy a $20 disposable camera - so pics soon to come.
Friday - More shopping, didn't buy as much - but still had fun. Oh & at at Hooters! *Soooo good!!*
Saturday - Drove 18 hours home!

What a trip! Had a ton of fun! Now onto Pictures! :)

Jay & I getting ready to go into Disney World

Me, Jay & Chris in front of the Castle

Jay standing next to a large, fat tiki statue that honked when you were near

Jay being a pirate...Arrr...

The Mickey Ears Jay just HAD TO HAVE!

Jay in front of Mickey's House! (:

Jay splashing in the ocean!

Us in front of the Universal Globe - and Jay not looking at the camera but still cute!

I'll post more on another day! I dont want to bore you all with pictures! But I terribly missed you guys!!

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