I started a New Business!!

Hey bloggy buddies!! I just wanted to make a quick post letting everyone know that I started my own business! I am selling Scentsy Wickless products now! And I love it! I have always been a fan of Scentsy - I love coming home to amazing smelling home & I just the fact that Scentsy is safe to have around children & pets!

Because Scentsy has no Wicks, Flames, Smoke, or Soot - they are the perfect addition to any home, office, classroom, church, basement, etc! The wax only get's a few degree's warmer than body temperature - so there is no worries about burns! The warmer does get a ltittle warm...think of a warm cup of coffee. The wax itself is made from Food Grade Petroleum based wax, there are NO chemicals or "By Products" released while burning! Scentsy only warms the wax - the wax does not burn or evaporate!

Each Scentsy bar lasts approx 60-80+ hours, the length depends on the strength of the fragrance as well as how many cubes are put in at one time.

To launch my new business I have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING to my readers if they purchase any Scentsy products from me by Wed, March 10th! The first 5 readers to purchase a Scentsy Warmer will recieve an additional Free Gift! Make sure to email me if you plan to order so I can put you in the system correctly!

Please check out my new Scentsy Blog & Make me your New Scentsy Consultant - you won't be sorry that you did!

It Just Makes Scents  < -- Link to new blog! :)

Ps. Are you looking for some additional income? To host a Party? Please email me for more details!


I plan on holding Monthly Contests & Drawings for FREE SCENTSY PRODUCTS as well - so make sure to Subscribe in my RSS & become my Google Friend! :)

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