Road Trips & Guitar Picks + Trip down Memory Lane

I have been given an amazing opportunity from Country Financial to see Jason Aldean in Concert this Saturday! Not only have I been given amazing seats, but I also have the chance of a lifetime to go backstage, get a little concert, take pictures & ask Jason questions! I am really excited, as I am really looking forward to meeting this up & coming country star! Not to mention, see his handsome self up close & personal!

I will admit, I grew up in the Sticks, I used to have long hair - down to my butt, wore wrangler jeans, lace up boots, and even had a few cowboy hats! My weekends included going to rodeos to cheer on my friends, going to country music concerts, and indefinitly - gravel road cruisin'! When I reached college years - I started to out grow that me. I started dressing more fashionable, wearing make up, listening to different genre's and even started dating Chris - of whom, absolutly despises anything country. As hard as I have tried to run from my roots - I always end up coming back to them.

I've noticed in the last few months - my radio is always on the local country station (unless Chris is with me then its a Hip-hop/Rock mix station), and now that the weather is starting to warm up - I am starting to miss living on the farm with my parents. I miss the peace & quiet, the horses, the STARS! Now that I live in the "Big City" of St. Louis - its tough to find a nice quiet, peaceful place - and I haven't seen the stars since living here.

This concert will allow me to really get in touch with my roots & I really look forward to dustin' off the old me! :) I am taking my mother to the concert - because she is about as country as you can get! That woman has always been true to herself & to her roots - I envy her.

But enough about me & My past....now onto the concert information!!

Jason Aldean & Jewel have teamed up with Country Financial to Promote Road Trips & Guitar Picks! They are also offering a great Sweepstakes (which I want you to enter!!). Information below:

Sweepstakes Information:
Enter for your chance to win a flyaway package and play to see if you'll instantly win music downloads.
Grand Prize: Once-in-a-lifetime experience with Jason Aldean or Jewel including airfare for you and three guests, hotel and more!
First Prizes: A trip for you and a friend to see a Jason Aldean or Jewel show, including airfare, hotel and more.
Enter once a day through September 30, 2010 for your best chance to win.

Make sure to go to Road Trips & Guitar Picks website for a chance to become a Roadie for either Jason Aldean or Jewel! I just did it myself! You can also read their blog, learn more about the artists, see fan photos, plus much more!

Don't forget to follow Trips & Picks on Twitter for all sweepstakes, concerts, and artist updates!
Follow Jason Aldean here on Twitter, too!

SOOOO make sure to check out the above mentioned websites & wish me luck at the concert!
 Hopefully I won't trip on my tongue & make a fool out of myself infront of Jason!

Now i am going to leave you with a video of Jason - enjoy & make sure to go out & BUY his album, let's help support this up & coming artist - if you like country music - I promise you WILL not be disappointed!! :)

Big Green Tractor


She's Country

Also - if you would like to help me pick out something HOT to wear to the concert I would greatly appreciate it!! Any ides - please share! Thanks so much! <3


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