Thursday Thirteen

Sorry Fellow Bloggies - I have been out of touch the last week or so...My entire household has Strep Throat so there has been a TON of medications, Benedryl and Naps - so here is my attempt to blog today. I'm still not 100% - my throat is still killing me - and I even got a big steroid shot in my butt yesterday - so hopefully it starts to work, and ASAP! I have a HUGE Part on Saturday - We're celebrating St Pats with a big Parade downtown + We're celebrating my birthday that night since everyone will be in town for the Parade - so I can NOT be sick - I Look forward to this day all year long!! Damn you Preschools & Their Virus infested corridors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok - now on to Thursday 13! :) This is my fancy lil creation for Amber & I's birthday blog - so if you haven't check it out & and you have participated you better get your fanny on over & do it! It's alot of fun - and it only gets better throught the week!!!

The Challenge:
Guess what! The girls have just surprised you with a birthday weekend in Vegas and its just 2 short weeks away! Problem is, they have already booked the flight but wanted you to help plan the rest of the trip! They aren’t the most responsible friends – but it’s the thought that counts right?

It is now your responsibility to book the transportation, hotel, dinner reservations etc.

You still have to do some things around the house before you can leave for your vacation. Thankfully though, your boyfriend/husband has agreed to take care of all the home stuff, like paying the bills, buying groceries, etc (That takes a huge stress off of you).

Now you have to make a list of Thirteen things you have to do in order to be ready for your Vegas trip!

1. Book the Hotel
- we're staying at the Palms - a great Party Resort & Perfect for a Girls Gone Wild Weekend!! :) I think the perfect room would be the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa:

2. Book the Transportation:
Here's on Transportation too & from the airport in Vegas!!

Now I have to start booking the Reservations:

3. Stripper 101 -
Yes you read that right! I want my man to know that I learned something just for him when I was in Vegas *wink* And it might come in handy when I lose all my money gambling and I need more cash to buy food...Just kidding...or am I??

4. American Storm
-an All Male Revue - ok ladies, we all know the Men in our lifes would be hitting up the strip club - so it's perfectly all right if we hit one up too! :) Or if you would rather have the mind set of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...well that's alright too!

5. Insanity-
One of the craziest coasters I have EVER seen! But looks like a ton of fun!!

6. Freemont Street
-Its' free & amazing! Just bright lights & all things Vegas! :)

7.Madame Tussauds
- Wax figures sort of freak me out - but I think Madame Tussauds would be alot of fun! I drool on George Clooney & even hop in Bed with Mr. Hefner himself! Sounds like a good time to me *wink*

8. Haunted Vegas Tour
-Get to visit some haunted places around Vegas and you even get to have Seance - Whooo Spookey!! :)

9. Peep Show
So I am a HUGE fan of Girls Next Door - well until Hef got new girlfriend - and I just Love Holly (Kendra's still my fav) But I would have been wanting to see Hollys New act "Peep Show" for a long time! So this is DEF on the list of stuff to do! :)

10. Kahunnaville at Treasure Island
-Nothing better than  a Party bar, and why not one that reminds me of my fav party spot in the world: Cancun! Kahunaville is a fun place to grab a bite to eat, drink a bit, and meet some new friends!

11. Coyote Ugly
-If theres a Coyote Ugly in the area - you bet you can find me there! This is a must do while inVegas! :)

12. Run by the local grocery & pick some Chasers or Boozers - Just to help with that Vegas Hangover

13. Start shopping for some fun clothes!! :)

So get your booty on over to our Bday Celebration Blog, link up, and get your chance to win a great prize!!!

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