Did I mention...I hate 'Mallows?

Ok...so the biatch lovely Supah decided it would be a fantabulous idea to force us Supah Survivors to shove super nasty, puffed air death traps totally yummy Marshmallows into our mouths this week! The first thing I thought when I read this on Friday was "Are you kidding me?! I HATE 'Mallows! They are nasty & disgusting & I'm going to puke if they go into my mouth!" But I was a trooper...and I did as a completly Supah whipped, over competitive I was told!

Here's my Vid & I know I didn't win! But I should get an A for effort and an A+ for bring Chris along to join the humiliation Party! Yep that's right...I got Chris to do it with me! I beat him though - but we all knew my mouth was bigger than his! Do I get bonus points since I had 2 people in my video? 2 different people?!

Now that that's over with! (Thank you lord baby Jesus!!) I can finally say that this is what I dreamt of last night...yes...this!:


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