Let's PAR-TAY!

Hey there awesome bloggeroni's! :) *didja like that?!* Guess what next month is? My birthday! As well as one of my bloggy friends, Amber at Amber's Life, and we have decided to throw a MONTH LONG Birthday Celebration for our KICK ACE blogger buddies! We have a specific blog & everything for it!

There are going to fun challenges, Meme's, Guest Bloggers, and the best part....TONS OF FREE STUFF!

So get your bags packed - and join us for a month long vacation to SIN CITY! (You'll see when you get there!)

Here's our first post to get the word out on it - there is also a chance for you to start winning cool schtuff!

Click HERE to head to our Celebration Blog!

And don't forget to take our button & put it on your blogs! It would be muchly appreciated! Thank you!

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