The Skew - Romance

Today's Episode of "The Skew"'s topic is ROMANCE...

First I just want to sum my relationship up with one word: DYSFUNCTIONAL

Chris & I have a very ODD relationship - but we have fun. Our friends often wonder how we have stayed together for so long because of how we act around each other or the things that we say to one another. Here's an example:

Chris: "Hey Butt-Nugget, how was your day today"
Me: "It was oka..."
Chris: (interupting) "Yep, I dont care"
Me: "You're an ass"
Chris: "Yep - but you love me"
Me: "If love really means HATE then yes"
Chris: "Awwe I hate you too"
Me: *Smile*
Chris: *Smile*

There's usually some other type of annoyance going on while we're in each others presence - but this is how our relationship works. I know he is MADLY In love with me and vice versa - as no one else would put up with either of our shit - and we have our moments where we are all lovey dovey and sick & sappy - but 99% of the time we are calling each other names (we keep it PG when Mister Monster is around) but we have fun doing it and I wouldnt have it any other way - it's always been this way with us.

When we started dating 3 years ago - he actually came up to me and started hitting on me - College bar style *Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see me in your pants* - and I just told him to "Fuck Off". He started laughing and called me a "Bitch" and it just went on from there. Love at first sight you could say - not your average Happily Ever After. I even stood him up THREE times (just to test him) and he still kept asking for a date - so finally I gave into him.

3 years later...we're still together!

So now onto my thoughts on Romance - the little things are what counts the most for me. When he asks me if it's ok if he goes out for a beer and watch the game with his guys. When I come home (like yesterday - Chief your going to be JEALOUS) and my entire kitchen was clean - including dishes, cabinets scrubbed, fridge cleaned out, swept & MOPPED - even all the laundry had been sorted and he was starting the rounds to get it done. When he stops me dead in my tracks and wraps his arms around me - whispers how much he loves me - then yanks on my hair. When I get that random text message that says "Hey beautiful - you have a great day - I miss you and I looooove you".

Romance does not have to be flowers & candy & expensive dinners & jewelry & love poems & sappy hallmark cards - these things are great...one or twice a year - for our anniversary and my birthday - but if you do this crap all year long it takes the "specialness" out of the gesture.

Romance is helping me out when I need it the most, Telling me I'm beautiful even though I cant see it, Hugging me when I'm having a bad day then making me laugh so I can forget what's got me down. Romance is letting me take a looong bubble bath while you help Mister Monster with his homework.

Chris and I are not the picture perfect couple - but we put the "FUN" in dysFUNctional!

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