Supah Survivor Challange #1

If you guys didn't know already, I am apart of a super fun Contest right now over on Supah's Kick Ace blog! It's the blog worlds very own Survivor! Our 1st challange was to create a Valentine for our co-host Harv Spitenstein because he was feeling a little under the weather this Valentine's Day!

Here is my creativity at its finest (Please keep in mind that I put this together in about 2 hours with a HANGOVER - Boy did Mardi Gra s do damage on me!) So do not judge...to hard! K, Thanks! <3

PS. It has a Pirate Theme - I love anything pirates so I wanted to show that with this Valentine!

This is the front of the Valentine - It says "Surrender Ye Heart"

Here is the inside of the card - it has a nice poem *see below* and Harv in a very HAWT Pirates costume! He looks pretty sexy in a pirates Hat...(Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?! )

Here's the Poem inside:
Oh, my little puppet and thee stuffed leg,
when I see you my mind boils like an egg.
I think of thee as the heavy wind blows,
My sword wishes t'were an ebbulient rose.
When I look at you I see my heart's mirror,
My trusty parrot jumps when your near.
Thou art the treasure and I am the chest,
and as you know, forever we're blessed.
Bottles of rum for the ladies in white
We'll have some fun on this wonderous night.
I got me wench and I got me rum,
lets pull up that dress and have some fun!

Love, Manic Mommy Meg

Now - Let's go Heroes! We can NOT go to Blogger's Council - not this week! Let's show the Villians that the good guys will finish FIRST! Good luck everyone & I'm really excited to see everyone's Valentines Day Cards!

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