Supah Survivor Challange #2

This week on Supah's Survivor our challange is to create our own Buffon! I was really excited to make one! I actually made two! Haha but only one could be entered in to win - but this post will have both just so I can share them with you! Please let me know what you think - it's pretty good for a beginner!

Here's This week's Challenge:
Your Buffon Will be Judged on the FOllowing Criteria:
1. It must work and link back to your blog USING THE HTML box.
2. It must represent YOU as a person/survivor contestant.
3. It has to be approximately 150x 150 size
( or it won't fit on a side bar)
4. . You must a have a post about your buffon explaining the elements of your Buff-on and why it represents you THE ULTIMATE SURVIVOR !
5. PLEASE INCLUDE a large picture image of your buffon so that we can clearly see the elements. The actual small square button /html box can be under that post.

So the real buffon will be posted first, so here you go!


Button Description:
I just wanted to show everyone playing Supah Survivor that I am one tough chick & I'm here to win! I'm the chick with the blue buffon on to represent Heroes! *What What!!!* And I am knocking out a Villian! I just wanted to show that if you get in my way - Imma knock you out! Momma said knock you out!  I even chose the Tattoo Font because that defines me as a person. I am cute & sweet on the outside, but when  you get down to it, I'm tough & I don't take no crap! Plus - I have 9 tattoos!! :)

Now onto the other button that I created!

Any comments/Compliments/Witty remarks are much appreciated!!

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