Meme Monday: Busted Bia

I can not & will not try to go against Supah Mommy's post today - it was worse than anything I have ever encountered with my car! (You poor blizzard stranded Yeti, you!!)

However I know that I can put the Top 5 times I have been pulled over so here they go: (There's only 3 - I've been a good lil driver.....HA....lack there of is more like it).

1.When I was 16, yep fresh out of driving school, I thought it would be a friggin great idea to drink Strawberry Boone's with my girlfriends and then attempt to drive 8 miles home. I ended up getting pulled over - by my cheerleading coach's HUSBAND! He knew me really well, as I was best friends with his son & daughter. I was mortified, I just knew this was the end of my life as I knew it. But, by the grace of god, He did not give me a ticket or haul me off to jail - he told me this was my 1 and ONLY "Get outta Jail free card" and packed me in his patrol car and drove me home. I never did that again! He scared the shit outta me, making me watch movies on his laptop the entire ride home about drunk drivers and watching their accidents. He let me off with a warning.

2. I got pulled over when I was 17 for driving to close one night. The old man was doing 12 in a friggin 40! I was pissed! I had places to go & people to see and this old man just wasn't moving fast enough for me. (I'm still a very impatient driver) I was getting ready to pass the old dude when I saw flashing Red & Blug lights in my review. "Shit - Damnit - Frikkity Frick" I pulled over and the officer was so kind as to let me know that I was to close to the car in front of me and that was considered tailgating (Thank's Asshole - I'm young, not a re-tard). But I batted my pretty eyes at him and told him that I was sorry and it would never happen again. He let me off with just a warning.

3. When I was 19 - I got pulled over for not having a license plate on the front of my car. In my defense, I didn't know you HAD to have a plate on the front, but I kept it in my trunk just to be on the safe side. So I told the office that I had it. He got it out for me and even screwed it on for me! Just let me off with just a warning.

And to this day - I have not been pulled over since I was 19 - even though I am def guilty of speeding (those little signs don't mean much to me). And when I was pulled over - I simply got warnings. So there is nothing on my record! Clean as a whistle! Innocent as a newborn! Fit as a Fiddle!

So what have you been busted for?? Head on over to Supah Mommy's and link up for this MAD AWESOME Monday Meme! Have a great day ya'll!

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